• Where can I take classes?
    Classes for the Digital Skills Bootcamps are provided online, in virtual remote-learning based programs that are led by industry-leading teaching staff.
  • Can I take classes online?
    Yes. The Digital Skills Bootcamps are available virtually via our online platform. Students participate through online classroom and Q&A sessions, virtual simulation labs and more.
  • When do classes start?
    Programs are run on a rolling schedule.
  • Do I need previous educational certifications or experience to enroll?
    You do not need any certifications or other prerequisites to participate in the Digital Skills Bootcamps. Professional backgrounds of all types are welcome.
  • How many credit hours can I achieve, and can I transfer credits to another institution of learning?
    The Bootcamps each cover 400 program hours. This includes the Introductory Course.
    It is not possible to apply credits from any Digital Skills Bootcamp program to other degrees or programs.

    These non-credit professional programs are offered through NC State Continuing and Lifelong Education.
  • How much is tuition?
    For the Cybersecurity Bootcamp, the tuition fee is $17,800 (this does not include the $180 fee for the Introductory Course).

    For the Software Development Bootcamp, the tuition fee is $17,800 (this does not include the $180 fee for the Introductory Course).
  • I'm employed full-time. Is this program suitable for me?
    Our programs are designed with working professionals in mind. Attend virtual classes for the Cybersecurity Bootcamp on weekday evenings. Weekday evening and weekend course schedules are available for the Software Development Bootcamp.
  • Do I need to buy any supplies?
    You will need to provide your own laptop or computing device. All other materials, including software and books, are provided for you as part of the program.
  • What is ThriveDX?
    We partner with ThriveDX to provide continuing education at high levels of innovation and excellence. ThriveDX’s renowned expertise in professional training in the digital industry is based on over 20 years of experience in knowledge transfer to students worldwide.
  • How can I become a hiring partner?
    If you’d like to explore becoming a hiring partner, get in touch today. Either complete the form below, or call 919.874.5441 to talk with a Partner Account Manager.
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